Thank you for viewing our video. You can help by writing an email or giving your Council Representative a call. You can find the contact info for all Council members and the Mayor below. 

PLEASE help share and spread this video to your friends in the Richmond area so they can also be a part of our success in getting these amazing men, women and K-9s a new, safe and functional K-9 Department Station House. 

Mayor Dwight Jones

Phone: (804)646-7970

Charles R. Samuels North Central 2nd Voter District

Office:   (804)646-6532

Email Address:

Ellen F. Robertson Gateway 6th Voter District

Office:   (804)646-7964

 Jonathan T. Baliles West End 1st Voter District

Tel:  (804)646-5349
Email Address:

Christopher A. Hilbert Northside 3rd Voter District

Office:   (804)646-6055
Email Address:

Kathy C. Graziano Southwest 4th Voter District

Office:   (804)320-2454

Parker C. Agelasto Central 5th Voter District

Tel:   (804)646-6050

Cynthia I. Newbille East End 7th Voter District

Office:   (804)646-3012

Reva M. Trammell Southside 8th Voter District

Home:   (804)233-7382 

Mobile:   (804)240-5050

Michelle R. Mosby South Central 9th Voter District

Tel:   (804)646-5497